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Catherine and Henry Richter, 1950

Photo from the collection of Gail Richter Jacobs

This website is for reference only.  It is a nonprofit venture dedicated to the lives of my grandparents,  Henry L. Richter, Sr., and Catherine M. Richter.  The site was developed by my brother, Norman Richter, who passed away in January, 2011.  Norman devoted much of his time the last years of his life researching and updating the information you will find here.  I took over the administration of the website after Norman's death, maintaining the data, updating the biographies, and adding new paintings and photos.


This site contains photographs of my grandparents artwork.  About 60 paintings are still in the family between their two children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  My father, Henry Jr., photographed about 50 of the paintings many decades ago.  Norman went to many places in California and mid-western states before his death to photograph our grandparents works in private homes and public buildings.  And some photographs were taken in Gunnison, Colorado, during the Western Colorado University 2004 mural dedication. The rest of the paintings were found by searching the web and contacts with current owners.  My grandfather signs his art Henry L. Richter.  We have never seen any art signed without the middle L. or just H. Richter.  And at the moment nothing is for sale here. 


I do not give any advice on selling any art as that is not the intent of this site.  I also cannot give advice on appraising any art.  I am interested in finding other paintings by my grandparents to add to this virtual collection.  Please send information or inquires to the email below.

Thank you for your interest.

Gail Richter Jacobs

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