Henry began painting two murals, both about 28 feet long, for the art classrooms in 1912.  The murals were completed by the summer of 1913 and were hung at both ends of the art department room.  The photo below was in the Colorado State Normal School Summer Bulletin 1913 on page 21 showing the art department with Henry at the front of the class with the completed mural “Star of Hope”.  This was the start of the long Richter legacy of art to Western Colorado University through his paintings.  The murals were hung in different locations on campus, and then stored away at some point.  They were rediscovered in the late 1990s, restored, and are now hanging in the Leslie J. Savage Library, Western Colorado University.

This was the first mural restored.  It was dedicated and hung in 2001.

By permission of Western Colorado University.

This mural was restored next and was dedicated and hung in 2004.

By permission of Western Colorado University.

Colorado State Normal School 1913 Summer Bulletin

By permission of Western Colorado University

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