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  1. A subject which is socially the most beneficent and the noblest in conception, the most important and of interest to the greatest number of people:

  2. In which the expression on the faces of the figures, in the details and in the work as a whole expresses profoundly that which the work is supposed to express:

  3. In which the composition is the most sublime:

  4. In which the drawing of all forms is the most true and effective in rendering life – above all,  IDEAL LIFE

  5. In which to color is the most varied and rich:

  6. In which the surface technic is the most vigorous, appropriate and inoffensively individual, the whole work of such quality and so co-ordinated as to insure a result in which the subject is expressed with the greatest completeness and harmony as to stir the emotions of the largest number of cultured people for the longest period of time.

By Henry L. Richter

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